I tend to spent a hell lot of times to decide upon something and on some instances i just become impulsive.True of a real scorpio,I can say i tend to be ( to my own astonishment) whimsical at times .It took me 2 weeks and opinion of a dozen to decide NOT to buy an mp3 player. but it too me just 2 days to decide to appear for GRE. This intro. was meant just as a self-justification for buying a tennis racket.yeah ,i got one for myself!!well,my family and close friends wud be as surprised as me to hear this (i am proudly ashamed to say tat i am one of the best kanjapisinari u can come across.Given tat, me spending money on something which i havent ,ever, even touched before is quite unlikely of me.I have always wanted to play tennis (tats the only sport i knw well after my first love -cricket) but never got a chance to play when in india. even after landing in US, i cudnt play as i cudnt find an opponent of my 'calibre' .......all those who played were pretty decent in it....i was the only 'tennis virgin' around.so, when S told he had not played tennis and is planning to buy a racket,i didnt even care to think.......immediately left with him and ended up buying one! it was just a matter of 2 minutes to decide!now, i have one,i am excited ..........have to play whenever possible.........i know this fancy may not last long,but as long as it lasts,i wanna do it!



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Nice one

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why have you not posted any updates?