30 years up the line

2 days back he was made the GM of the company
4 years back he won the patent for a path breaking invention in the field of Biomechanics
6 years back he had a baby boy
8 years bach he got married to Elizabeth
10 years back he met a girl named Beth in a college where he was giving a lecture
12 years back he resigned from MICRON due to ideology conflicts and joined NANS
14 years back he graduated with gold medal
16 years back he was presented with a customised automated vehicle for his conveyance by the Dean of the college
18 years back only Mahatma Institute of Technology came forward to offer him a seat for BE
20 years back he won the judicial case for admit in regular colleges
22 years back he was discharged from hospital
24 years back he spoke with vocal aid
26 years back he woke up from comatose
28 years back he was paralised from neck to down after a fatal road mishap where he lost his family
30 years back he was just another high school graduate