what goes round comes back

Was away on vacation for more than a month. dial up is pain........it pains more when all u have ia a old antique piece which was once upon a time called laptop.it took me 3.5 hrs by the time i checked my 3 mail accounts and 2 other sites. And hence no posting.made an india trip, and boy! hw much i enjoyed it.a quick update:visited thirupati for the first time in life. surprising tat i cud go their only now, givne that most of my 'family trip have been rather pilgrimages, its somewat late in my life tat i have visited Balaji.The temple was nothing short of spectacular!......cudnt believe my eyes when i saw the whole gold gopuram and temple!but to be honest i didnt like the basic administration of the temple.........gave me a feeling i was more of a commercial establishment than a sacriligious one.I cudnt comprehent people sleeping in a whole having foods and refreshments and directely rush into the temple as if the first day ticket counter of a rajni movie.yeah, i too agree that it can be argued philosophically that the purity of heart is more important.....but still, my heart refuses to accept it.anyways, it was a good experience.....next time i will be more 'equiped' to face the 'mass'. (it will no be fair from my part not to mention here that,even after all these, i was the one who managed to ran inside the temple first once the gates opened.....yeah i am a bit hypocratic at times ;)

I could meet many of my undergrad gang! many of them whom i didnt expect to be in town.

managed to attend the marriage of a undergrad friend.It wouldnt have been worth mentioning was it not for the fact that it was a MALE friend! Thank goodness that he got a job 2 months back. I wud have shocked to death if he hadnt finished his mtech. Anyways my good wishes to the couple.also it was a kind of reality check for me.It became more pronounced when my aunt asked my opinion abt the marriage of by brother,inspite of his vehement opposition. Surprisingly, I support him in this case.........he being their as bachelor is always a buffer for me.
then.......landed in US 2 days back and i hate to even speak abt it!...........over and out