travail of a scoprio

Being a scorpio, its in my stars that i am sensitive. Not that i will be distured easily, but even small incidents, at times,refuse to go away from my mind.again, not tat it haunts me or so, but time and again, it just reminds me that they r still alive within me.
This is about a highschool mate of mine and this incident took place long time back when i had just joined engineering.This guy was pretty close friend of mine.Like, one with whom i used to do homeworks,play games and all.He was one my closest buddies.Since we both had names with A, we often fell in same groups in most of the group activities (u knw, all those roll no.wise classification of teams).But after highschool, due to the lack of developments in e-communication at tat time and lack of privilage for free use of telephone, i lost touch with him.So, there was tis new hindi movie released which we all had been anticipating for a while and so, we friends in the engg. college went for FDFS.We went tere about 3 hrs in advance (given only collegiates fight for first day first show for hindi movies in kerala,3 hrs was good enough time in advance!).But when we reached tere,i realised all youngsters in all enginnering colleges in tat town think alike-just like us!Since the ticket counter hadnt opened, we all were hanging out, chattering, bird watching etc and then i happen to see this friend of mine with his college mates.I called out his name -he didnt seem to notice. I thought,ok may be he didnt hear me so i frantically waved my hands along with shouting his name.He did see me, but his reaction was just limited to a smile.As soon as the counter opened, there was tis sudden gush of junta. Since i was standing near the door, all i need to do was just to stand relaxed as i was just pushed right to the front of the counter and managed to in the top 10 in the queue.and i cud see this serpentine queue to some distance beyond the reach of my vision.Suddenly, this friend of mine came near me and "Hi aravind,how r u?"."Am good", replied me.Before i cud ask him wat he is doing he asked "could u get me 5 tickets?" I didnt have to think twice before shouting back "NO". But being inherently diplomatic, i somehow managed to curb my instincts and reasoned him that i already hv more than 10 tickets to purchase... and he vanished amongst the crowd.What hurt me most was hw 'matlabi' he was.I would hv still got him tickets had he been courtious enough to enquire about each other before asking for tickets.I am someone who cherishes friendship a lot and who believes good friendship lasts for ever.Its absolutely fine with me, if people wants to move on with their lives, but what he did that day was quite ignoble.I wonder, wont he himself wud hv realised how improper he was?. I wish he did, so that he doesnt repeat it.If i happen to meet him again, i dont think i can treat him the same way as my close friend. I am not upset coz i lost a friendship, i am upset coz he lost my trust.
I donno what reminded me this incident.Maybe i wud hv thought or tried to act the same way as my friend.Or, maybe i have had mostly pleasent memories of my friends, that such incidents stand out as sore thumb... i am not sure.I donno, if I am just making a heavy weather out of such a small issue.But i cant help it, it doesnt quit my memory. I am helpless....i am a scorpio!


Anonymous said...

U know what Aravind, even I had such travails..over time, I just moved on, thinking it is more of their loss than mine.

Regarding the influence of stars, scientifically I believe it is true. But a famous astrologer says,we all have a free will, with which we can choose to rise above any external influences. And being a Scorpio, which is symobolized by a phoenix, u have more probability to transcend ur 'sore thumb' :)

Aravind said...

thanx anonym.
may be lifes all abt forgetting and moving on. as someone said, no better healer than time!

Jaya said...

Being a Scorpio, I completely agree with u... Trust is the one thing that someone shouldnt lose with us... But here, he didnt lose your 'trust'.. He let u down by not holding yr friendship in as high an esteem as you did.. which isnt a gr8 thing to do... But u r right... We r Scorpions -- neither forgive nor forget!

Aravind said...

yeah, u put it in right words jaya.
but still i will be sceptical of him if i happen to meet him. i will be tempted to think he has some selfish motive.

Payal said...

life's like tht aravind..take it as a learning experience..don't trust anyone...don't mistrust anyone!!

take it easy..and cheer up :)

Aravind said...

thanx for the comment payal.yeah i hv realised tat in life u hv to put up with many unpleasant stuffs too.also tat u cannot satisfy all and vice versa.