independence day thoughts

Today is the independece day for both of us - 2nd one for me and 60th one for India.It was on a 15th Aug. that i left India in search of better life and enlightment to this land of opportunities.
What all did i achieve in this 2 years of independent life?
Learned cooking: To my surprise, I exceeded my own expectations as a cook. Hereafter I wont starve to death if left alone at home. Also i can guarentee that no one would die of food poisoning or malnutrition eating my food.(except may be a rare chance of Hypernatremia)
Became social: I have become more social with people. Given how much of an incorrigible introvert i was, it is indeed a commandable transformation in me.
Made friends: Made good friends and that too quite a lot in count...from all parts of india (Infact a couple of them would directly walk into my list of all time best buddies). They have made my stay in US enjoyable.Always indebted to u all !!!
Once a vegan, still a vegan: The only thing my buddies back home challenged and I vehemently opposed is that I wud turn into a meat eater.Thankfully I have managed to cling on to my belief and live healthy here .And I can say the same abt my abstinence from alcohol and smoke.
But the sad part is other than these, i cannot think of any other creditable thing I have manged in US.(well, i cannot include orkut here though it has become an indispensible part of my life here)
I am still the person who hates school and studies, who is mad abt movies and cricket, and who would keep on talking non stop once initiated and one who loves to sleep long hours.
Now the most cliched question which pops up on the 15th aug. and 26th jan. resurfaces again in a broader and personnal sense: Have we/me utilised our/my freedom fully and wisely?.......with a bit of shame and dissapointment i would say NO!!
JAI HIND to all INDIANS around the world


Jaya said...

Saw the new flashing title... Nice nice... :-)

Aravind said...

hhmm...its been tere for abt 4 months .surprised hw come u didnt notice till now!

Vetti Guy said...

Hey Aravind....thanks for adding me on your blogroll :-)

and yes, Jai Hind!!

aravind said... probs! infact its my pleasure to hv u tere. I am a BIG time fan of ur blog...u r so freaking hilarious!!!
and thanx for stopping by my blog :)