original mile sur mera tumhara.....atlast got it!

The video i have been searching for online for a long time. Eversince the MITians came up with their own version of it, i realised how much i miss the original video of this one (could find only the lyrics online so far)
Check Out the Video here
Lets relive those beautiful 80s when all doordarsan telecasted was videos on national integrity,unity and social welfare like ek chidiya and mile sur and a screen with rainbow color strips with rukawat ke liye khed hai



Vaishali said...

Thanks Aravind!

Truly made me nostalgic of all the innocent times when I believed that all Indians thought and lived united.

Aravind said...

ur welcome vaishali....infact i was so surprised with myself seeing how exactly i remembered the entire video even now

Priya said...

Hey Aravind...I have tagged you with a meme...have a look at it in my blog