happy deepavali

Had a great Deepavali weekend.For the first time after coming to US, I enjoyed, rather celebrated a festival,thanks to SABHA, Priya and Jaya et al. Organised and enjoyed an excellent evening of carnatic music by Sudha Ragunathan on friday and got to taste amazing kalakhand and gulab jamun on saturday. Well, infact,yesterday it got me home sick after a long time. Iyya asked me if i am coming home this dec. or not. Though she said 'many relatives asked if you r coming this year', i am pretty sure it was more of her query rather than anyone else's.Added to that the lemon rice of Priya was just like how pattiamma wud make and channa dal by Priyanka was exactly the way iyya makes it....got me all senti to go home. :(



Priya said...

Hey Aravind,
Thanks a lot for the mention. I am glad I played a part in making your Deepavali special this year. The comparison to your patiamma's cooking is flaterring, thank you :D

aravind said...

most welcome...i meant it..it was real gud...bestest deepavali!