i wonder why

I used to be stubborn kid. I have been the recipient of many self inflicted injuries as well as those inflicted by my mother given my mischief. (If anyone is surprised to read about such a version of me should be thanking the god that they got to see a mellowed version of me). I have been very unruly and short tempered which has landed me under an auto rickshaw, on a concrete floor head down from the terrace etc other than the innumerable slaps from mother (well, those are stories for another time).

Sometime in the early nineties, at around the time when the bollywood movie Phool Aur Kaante released (which launched Ajay Devgan as the new action hero), I was at my unmanageable best - getting pissed at the slightest of things and throwing tantrums and yelling to a stage of physically attack - and my cousins gave me the name Ajay Devgan….for being the angry young man I was!

Cut to year 2004, I was at the wedding reception of my cousin at Utah. There I met one of my other cousin’s husband and he remarked that he had recently seen the movie Raincoat and Ajay Devgan in that movie reminded him of me. Mind you, it is a movie where the mentioned actor played a gentle character which a heart of gold.

It was a surprise for all of us present there since he had no idea that I have been previously compared to that actor. And my cousin said “See, we told you that years back!”

In my personal opinion, I don’t think I resemble Devgan in anyways. The only similarity can find is the skin texture we share ….(also, maybe the unconventional good looks too *wink*). Yet it still bewilders how I was compared to AJ all over again. After all those years, my alleged similarity to the actor surfaced again albeit for different reasons.

(Maybe a cue for future filmmakers, who wants to make a movie on my life, whom to cast as the lead actor....or maybe vice versa ;)



Jaya said...

Haha.. At least it's good for you that you get compared to a talented actor :P. Having said that I don't plan to tell you whom people've said I look like. Lol. Nice post. And glad you've mellowed into the gentle giant (height-wise) :D

Aravind said...

yeah yeah thats true....i wudnt mind compared to good actor anyday. now that u hinted, i am curious to figure out whom u resemble...hhmm

Ramakrishnan said...

hehe - Good that you winked when you compared looks with Ajay Devagn.

Aravind said...

yeah ramji, i agree with u. i know i deserve better :P

Anonymous said...

The movie Raincoat shows the growth of Ajay Devgan from an action hero to a matured character actor. People learn, change and mature through experiences. May be both Ajay Devgan and you went through these stages simultaneously. You have grown along with a great actor.