fried oreos

I am not sure how many out there has heard about a snack called Fried Ores. Yes, you read it right and it’s exactly what it sounds like - Oreo cookie which is fried! I heard about it first from a co-worker from work who was from Louisiana. She was telling me it was a very popular delicacy in New Orleans and how she hated it. It was also mentioned in one of the Jay Leno Show episodes I happened to watch around the same time. They are prepared like any other fried snack- dip the cookies in the batter and deep fry it.

I am not a fan of Oreo cookies in the first place. but, being a sucker for any fried snacks, when you add a ‘fried’ to it, even fried cookies sound enticing to me. I had been wanting to try it out just out of the curiosity to know about how two contrasting items would add up or how bad can it be. In my defense, other items which you would expect to be the last item to be fried, tasted awesome – fried ice cream, fried vazhapazam etc.

Recently, I got the opportunity to try it out at Houston Rodeo. It was not just Oreo they were frying, but fried brownies and fried snickers, fried M&M, fried cheesecake etc. I think they fry pretty much anything one can think of to be NOT fried. We tried out Oreo, brownies and snickers and all sucked equally bad! Infact, friend brownie and snicker were so bad that fried Oreo was the least offensive of them all. Maybe it got something to do with the oil in which they fry it at the Rodeo; I couldn’t take more than 2 bites of it. It baffles me how can someone even like it!

I am one who always gives a second chance to any food item; before making a conclusion on how good or bad something is (I have even tried Dr. Pepper more than once!). So, I might try it again sometime in the future, but I think I am certain I have made up my mind on this one.