slaves of our image

A while back I was reading some article on Bollywood actor Dharmendra. One of the remarks made by a well respected Director said that “ He was  quite a talented actor, but ended up being a slave of his image. That’s exactly what I also felt, not about Dharmendra; but about another superstar from the Indian movie industry – Rajnikanth.  Based on some of his early year’s movies, I found him to be quite a good actor well in control of his histrionics skills. Over the years; thanks to the slew of superhero movies, he became more of a super human capable of making moves and kicks humanly impossible. Now a days, even if he tries to do a normal character, his fans would reject it outright. He has become the character he played on screen that it becomes him.

This made me wonder-  aren’t we all; albeit in a smaller scale, in one way or another, slave to our images? - Doesn't our action/behavior influenced to some extend by what other perceive of us? Don’t you behave or dress a certain way because the people around you expect you to be so? Don’t you think at times “Let’s not do it….thats not what my parents/friends expect to be on my nature”

 I, for one, can definitely vouch for that. I have had instances when people have remarked that it was so unlike of me,  even though they don’t necessarily know  me in and out to know what is ‘likely’ or ‘unlikely’ of me. I have had a friend who once remarked that he has never seen me angry and was surprised when I lost my temper. Even though he would have known that, like all normal human beings, I too have change in moods , yet it was a bit hard for him to accept it.

Likewise, there have been instances when my friends couldn’t believe that I could wear a particular shirts/pants which I have never worn before. Not that I cannot; but they couldn’t picture me in such an attire.

And I too, on many occasions, think what others might think about me before doing something. Like, I think hard about posting some photos or comments in Facebook wondering what others might think about me- not that I would not do it or have not done it – just reluctant because I am uncertain as to how that would affect others impression about me…or how it would affect my image.

I believe the same mentality is what stops some celebrities from acting like a common man – not that they don’t behave so; but are not expected to be found so.

(I know I don’t make a strong case here – my validation points are quite feeble- blame it on the writer’s block I have been having or rustiness of not having blogged in almost a year. Trust me I make a more solid case point on this subject verbally in person)