for the zillionth time

boy!..........the other day,for the zillionth time, i was said how come me from india speak such good english.......HUh!!!....comon,gimme a break!

Mr.USian : r u from india?
Me : yes
Mr.USian : how long have u been in US for?
Me : 8 months
Mr. USian: u speak good english!
Me : (Oh! pls not again) Thank You!

Oh! god! who the hell with let this @$$****$ know tat we indians also speak english as good as anyone around the world.r these USians under the perception tat india is somewhere in the wilderness of amazon forests and we still have sign language as the mode of communication?

Note: even though its irritating to see the bewilderment of Usians and the total negligence and prejudism they have abt Indians,on a personnal level, I enjoy the compliments i get regarding my language!(I always had a complex abt my english vocabulory).So each compliment i get is testimony of the improvement of my vocabulory skills and proof tat my conscious effort is paying off!