one for the heck of it

nothing on top of my head to blog abt........buti wanted to write something.
may be i can catogorize this blog as "one for the heck of it"..........i have one topic to write abt-the movie i saw last day..........but back to back blogs abt movie will make my blog rather hackneyed(so refraining from tat).well......on second thought its not tat tough to write something without having much substance in it .well.......nothing new for me coz i have been doing tat in all the essays and assignments i have done in my Btech,and i can confidently say tat i am pretty good in beating around the bush without ever entering the bush of even going near it.(a gold medal for 2nd rank in the univ. is the testimony for my excellence in the above mentioned field). even as i type these words i am totally blank abt what my next sentence is gonna be.may be tats the beauty of writing abt nothing........may be i realized tat enough of thing is for sure........."there is something abt nothing"