it makes me think....

I am a born frugal. Me spending on some luxury has as high probability as an indian winning an oscar.So, it came to my self surprise when i really bought a Motorola ROKR (with iTunes) spending a pretty solid amount from my pocket. Still donno hw i managed to convince and commit myself into purchasing one. may be i was too much confused wat to do after my mobile contract expired.Or may be i was lured by this step sister of iPod.I am resisting myself from singing praises about my new 'weapon of mass nuisance', but it looks gr8. Right now i am filling it with songs.Makes me the priorities of people (read "me") have changed over the time.May be sometime back (when i had no idea there was mp3 player cell phones) i wud have gladly settled for any normal phone which wud have served the purpose (making and receiving calls) as competent as any other with extra facilities or features. Wat is the necessity of a LCD display? or a camera or a voice recorder in a cell phone?Does it make my calls more clear or easy to connect or less expensive? I dont think so!This is a simple exemplification of human nature of never to be content with what one have.........always need more........a greed for materialistic pleasures. I dont think this is gonna change..........may be this is wat makes people what they are...........and i dont want to be an exception!