the great escape

"You have any last wish?" asked the officer. Manish didn't hear the words, he was lost in his thoughts.Life has been nothing but a hell for him ever since he was thrusted into the world.His mother who went out with a different person every night; his life in the slums; his younger sister who was forced into 'taking over' from their mother;his wife who was gang raped infront of his eyes and the his massacre of all the 5 culprits.......all flashed infront of his eyes one more time. He grinned.. "this is the last time i will be reliving those dreaded moments",he told himself."I asked if u have any last wishes", repeated the officer."Hang me posthaste" answered him sounding confident as never before.His most awaited moment life had arrived and he didnt want to delay it further.Death was not a punishment;it was an escape for him......the great escape