dry spell

Its been years since I have published a post here. In blogosphere, months are the years, days are the months….you get the drift. Its just that I was preoccupied with work and rest. I have never been a systematic blogger, though, even by my standards this had been a long dry spell. A glance through the archive list this page would tell you that I often go through such phases where I just can’t get myself to blog about anything. At times I run out of topics, and some other time I want to write, just that I don’t know how to put it in words. This time the lack of posts has been due to the former during the earlier months and latter in this month. By now you might have figured that, I don’t have any point with this entry and it’s just meant to shake off the cobwebs from this page. I have some quality free time with me now a days and hoping to get few things, about which I want to write, posted.