living offline

I am addicted to my computer. Even if I am watching TV or on phone, I need to play around with my fingers on my computer, either you tubing or gaming or something like that. And this includes checking my 5 email ids every 15-20 mins. It’s not that I cannot live without going online, but just knowing that I have the access at hands reach is a comforting thought (there is some reasoning behind my Uncle calling me a ‘Googler”, as per him, I can find him anything he wants online). So, you could imagine what I would have to go through if I am to get past a day without my laptop. And quite befitting the Halloween month, I am having to the horror of parting with my computer.

It all started few days back when I resumed my attempt to connect my laptop to my TV. Mind you my television is a good ol’ CRT TV and for some reason I was not able to get any display on TV though it said in my laptop that it’s connected. I am someone who preferably likes to resolves issues my verbal conversation rather than by email or chat. That’s the reason why I usually call up the customer care of any company for troubleshooting so that I could explain my concerns to them in detail. But for the last one week, I have been on phone for almost 3 straight hours after going home from work with my laptop company customer care. Even by my tolerance level to talking, this has been quite a tedious effort.

So I made my first call to the support team of my laptop makers. One of the major pains of customer service is that it makes you go though all this menu options and voice recognition stuffs before you can reach a real human. And every single time, despite of my best efforts to sound as “american’ as possible, the automated lady on the other end refuses to recognize my menu option. So after all the yes and nos I get connected to a representative who turned out to be located at Kolkata (fortunately, he still had his Indian name intact, rather that a Dave, or Andy with Indian accent). I spend good 3-4 hours on phone troubleshooting my laptop and updating some system drivers and all with no luck. Next day on, I noticed that the fan inside my laptop was making unusually loud noise and my laptop battery wasn’t getting charged though it said so. So I made my second call in 2 days to the company to complain about the sound and charging issue going though all the options which the auto lady utters (including the spanish lady).

Another thing that irks me is that every time you call, you get connected to a different person and you have to start explaining the issue from scratch. This time I was connected to a lady in Canada and it turns out that the pervious guy had updated the wrong drivers on my laptop and she updated the right ones for me. Still my laptop refused to charge. And to add to my frustration, here was that guy from Kolkata following up with me to see if I could get my laptop to display on TV (He seemed more interested in fixing my problem than me).

So, after my 3 call in as many days explaining the story from the prelude to the epilogue to the 3rd representative, I got my laptop battery replaced. Still, even with a new battery, my problem remained unresolved. Anyway, the long story short (I have already lost the credibility to say that!) after 2 more calls and couple more hours on the phone, I had to send back my laptop to the service center for detailed diagnostics. It is expected that I will be out of computer for good 1½ weeks (and it’s been only just 4 days so far!)

Update: Its been a week without laptop and my vitals are all good so far and I am yet to manifest any withdrawal symptoms. I am surviving and weathering through it. Just the fact that I am posting this entry even in the absence of my laptop is proof enough for my well being.



Anonymous said...

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