worst ARR album

I got hold of an extensive mp3 collection of ARR songs from a friend of mine sometime back and ever since it has been playing on a loop in my music player – starting with the genesis ROJA and other majestic creations from the 90s like Thiruda Thiruda (90s, being the decade in which I grew, brings back all those nostalgia too). It put me in a really hard situation of picking the best from the list which was impossible for me. Hence I thought it would be easier to find the worst ARR album of all time. I had shortlisted on few of the in consequential hindi track and those tamil songs which he made for Prasanth (Jodi or something), Manoj (Alli Arjuna?) etc. But even in those there was atleast one track which was good, since ARR had rehashed them from hindi to tamil or vice versa (The criteria I used to gauge the album was it should not have even a single track worthy). A quick inquiry in facebook and couple of my friends unanimously suggested a real gem (!) which I hadn’t even heard of. An Arjun starrer tamil movie – PARASURAM. I was told it has the least noteworthy songs Rahman has ever composed.

I managed to hear the songs of the album last day and yes it is the least spectacular album of the Maestro. However there was one song in that which Rahman had used in the hindi film Zubeida. But I can confidently say, if not for that track, it is by far the poorest album by ARR’s standard (which would still rate better than some other so called ‘music composers’. Hence, my wait for the utter rubbish from Rahman continues. I have to add that I will be more than happy to be disappointed in this one.


Divya said...

even the album called 'super police'. it is in telugu. Thats a bad album too.

Aravind said...

thanks for dropping by Divya. I will definitely check it out