apparently so

Don’t you use a phrase or a word quite a lot in your conversation? “Like”, “whatever”, “you know what” etc. being some of the common ones I get to hear here in US. Little did I realize till some time back that a word had crept into my vocabulary as well which I tend to use it quite frequently. Apparently, I use the word “apparently” a lot. I was notified of this by my brother sometime back. He was telling me how he mentioned it to my cousin and she also concurred with it. And since, I am conscious of it whenever I use it. Not that it has stopped me from using it or I have deliberately tried not using it; I just chose to ignore what my brother told.

It’s been a while after that and recently when I was chatting with her and I used the word. Since I was weighing what I was saying so as not to make a fool myself (well, at least not more than what she knows!), it occurred to me that even she might have noticed it. And so as to be cool about it and give a “all part of game” feel to it, I confessed myself so that she knows that I am aware of it. And that’s when she said that even she was about to say that I used it a lot.

So it wasn’t just my brother being whimsical or my cousin just agreeing with him to pull my leg. There was some validity to the inference. But when I think back, the word apparently fits well into the structure of sentences I make. I never give a thought about the meaning of it or if I can say the same thing without using that word…it just flows well out of my mouth I suppose. And it does not for most part stand out like a lump. Well, apparently people do notice ! (see, this is what I am talking about)

I don’t know if it is as annoying as using ‘like’, or ‘whatever’, at least I don’t feel that it’s a word I am forcing into my vocabulary. It is something which comes naturally to me (at least after I have started using frequently). I have no plans of making any chances to it.

Update: I have been told that my frequency of ‘apparently’ had reduced and has been replaced by excessive “oh crap!”