the hamburger moment

Remember that scene in Pink Panther (Steve Martin one) where Inspector Clouseau has the hamburger for the first time? Initially he is dismissive of it saying it’s a stupid food made by Americans. And as he takes his first bite, the whole world starts the spin around him taking him to a phycadelic trance with the taste of hamburger. For some reason I just love that scene. I believe it’s exactly how I would feel if I am to taste something exquisite and that's what happened earlier this week to me. Though it makes me feel naïve, the experience was so sweet (pun intended!) that I don’t mind it.

P was in town for the weekend and I went to meet her at an Indian restaurant for lunch. And one of the desserts there for the lunch buffet was this thing which looked like milk soaked break called Sahi Tukda. Since I had my eyes on gulab jamun and the payasam, I didn't pay much attention to this item and I went about stuffing myself with the crispy vadai, masala dosa, naan etc. It was when I had just about a bit of space left in my tummy for just tasting the desserts that I went back for the final round. Since I am a sucker for trying out unique items, I thought I will give this Soaked bread and see how it was. All it took was just a single bit of it for me to fall in love with it. It was neither too sweet nor too bland. It was perfectly smooth and it literally dispersed in my mouth. But P didn't share my enthusiasm for the dish, not because she didn't eat it, but because she was familiar with the item. Apparently, it’s also called Double ka meetha and is a popular sweet in Hydrabad.

I am not a great fan of sweets and desserts; but I had reached that conclusion having tasted pretty much all common sweets and have not developed a liking for it., but this one was different. The world was spinning around me and I was sitting there alone savoring the taste of milk and bread fighting to occupy a place on my taste buds.

Later that day I raved about it to M & R and it turned out they have also had it in spite of them being from Chennai (so, it’s not just Hyderabadis who know about it). Coincidently when I went to work on Monday, my colleague offered me a bowl of a dessert which her Aunt had made over the weekend and guess was Shahi Tukda again! Of course she was also from Hyderabad. Thus, in a span of 2 days, I got to have something twice which I had not even heard about till last week. This one was a much more sweeter version and also more diligently made than the one in the buffet.

It was a pleasant happenstance that I got to eat two different variations of the same sweet which I fell in love with a day before. And sure enough, as of now, it has taken up the unoccupied position of my favorite dessert.