7th June

7th June- I remember this day very well..today is the first aaniversery of my visa interview. exactly one year back,on this very same day I cleared ,what i suppose, the first major interview i managed to get through.For others it may not sound special,but for one who has a poor history when it comes to doing well in competitive exams and interviews,it is quite an achievement.
The day is very well itched in my memory.........my usual tension before the interview;usual final minute unwanted anxiety regarding the wringled shirt;rushing all round maidpakkam(where i stayed) in search of an 'iron' man etc etc.well,again nothing unusal about it for those who know me and have seen me freak out before exams.
so.......want to celebrate this day? how? i donno......may be eat from pizzahut and wendy's and subway?.......lets see!