moved out

I moved out. Exactly one year-365 days-later I moved to a new apartment......again!The whole of last weekend was lost moving out stuffs from old apartment and dumbing them in the new place. Now a kind of nostagia is creeping in me.Its been a year full of experiences: good, bad and ugly; lots of happiness, some disappointments, achievements, failures etc.More than anything else, I learned to live alone! be on my own. Learned what lif can be like in a foreign land.Learned how to cook (and still carrying it out with a good success rate). If i am asked to recollect any year of my life, this year would be there in my shortlist!
New place.....its been just 3 days there ,may be thats y i am not feeling that apnapan.Good job by my roomies, house looks stylish and tidy.lets see how long (or should i say, how short?) it stays this way. With about 8 'temps' roaming in the house 24x7, i 'm doubtful about the longevity! (as if it would be all great without them! But i love to find excuses, isnt that fun?) But I havent found a place for my personnal stuffs.........may be a work for the next weekend!
A new beginning - new partners, new expenses, new compromises.Hope this year is also gonna be as good as my first year in cincinnati!
New Address:
Aravind Subramani
3138 Bishop Street, Apt #2
Cincinnati, OH 45220