quite a weekend

A pretty better weekend went by.C and P flew down here from utah.And thankfully i got a chance to go out of cincinnati(quite an accomplishment given my laziness and my love for being static).Had a fun 2 days. Went to dayton air firce museum.A funtabulous place to go.Saw an Imax movie there about a space lab being erected.Just got a bity philosophical and inferior thinking how much the world has advanced and i am still grumble for trivial things.Also changed my ultimate fantacy : from earning salary without working to living in space-floating around in zero g..........weightless,egoless(see, became a bit more sensible and realistic! this one is atleast possible,if not for me!)
And surpirse!!!!!!!!!!!!( well, not for anyone else,but me!) decided to go to india in dec.!It was just a matter of one day.Gave C and P long lecture y i wont be going to india and what i am planning to instead in dec. And all and made them convince that its not all that bad not going to india . And the very next day called them up to say i blocked ticket to india.Uh! many a times i am an enigma to myself.....quite an incomprehensible being! As i have told before, i am highly whimsical! Anyways, people here were more surprised when i said initially that i am not going to india.Difference in perspections and priorities u c!