25 and still going

Had my 25th birthday yesterday. everything for the first time in ur life will be cherished more than the subsequent ones. in that respect i enjoyed this birthday of mine, for, the first time in my life, i had a birthday cake!though i am not that concerned or particular abt such corny traditions, i enjoyed hogging the limelight for a day. (may be back in my mind, i might have wished for such things when i was a kid). thats the only positive i can figure out from my quarter century birth anniversery-a childhood dream of mine realised!otherwise, the very thought of 25 years freaks me out. there is no diff. b/w 19th and 20th nov. but, still,it just freaks me out without any reason!
thank god i dont look my age !!! (i have some paid friends to attest it ;)


we had the much delayed deepotsav this saturday(i heard few remark that the next diwali is much closer now that the gone one, which i would not object). again i was the DJ (i donned the same role for vasanthotsav also).programs went of pretty well,it cud have been done better, then again, as someone once told me, it cud have been worse too.no regrets.



riyan said...

it's not that bad to get old....someone once said that every age has it's own charm, and i completely believe in that. have a great 25th year of you walking on this planet safe and sound.