Given how much of a cricket fanatic i am, it was surprising to me how come i havent blogged anything about my favorate topic so far. So here you go....I dont have anything more or different from what many have commented before (and still doing),neverthless here is my take:

Amist total confusions and speculations, ganguly has been selected in the indian test team.Having followed the developments and turnaround of events very closely since the controversial press meet by gaguly, i am not surprised.Though i am not a fan of ganguly,it was almost certain to me that he wouold make it into the indian test team(he had a centur in the last test he played). But what dissapointed me is the very process of selection.The selction committe meeting was preponed by a week so that they could announce that ganguly is there in th team right before the cricket match in culcutta so as to avoid any unfortunate incidents.There is a fine line b/w being a cricket fanatic and a cricket lunatic.This act of haste by the selectors is like surrundering to the whims of some crazy people.I feel this doesnt augers well for the indian cricket.Ganguly is(may be was) a good player,but no longer he is. If one is gonna select a player based on his past achievements and glories,then we should be bringing greats like Kapil, Gavaskar etc back in the team.Whatever has happened now is not gonna do any good for youngsters like yuvraj,kaif etc.Forget about them, this is not gonna help even ganguly.The most successful captain of the indian cricket team has been reduced to a pone which people from certain part of the country is trying to use to claim their strong hold in the indian cricket board.Quite unfortunate given how much this player has done for the betterment of the team.The comment by the head of the selection committee that his selection was done ahead of a fast bowler itself goes to show that it was more of an an act of precaution than consensus.Ganguly may not be good enough to don indian colors any longer;but he deserves better treatment.