if they can, so can I

.......was the first feeling I had when i read a blog for the first time about an year back. Realised that you dont have to care a damn about anyone or anything in blogging. It gives the same thrill and satisfaction as shouting at the top of ur voice (or singing for the more sofesticated ones) in public. You rule this part opf the web and you call the shots here. A similar feeling came back to me when i read and heard the movie reviews of a recent movie.......everyone had their own take on it . tat same old feeling was back.......if they all can, y not me too.So here I am........

This is my first attempt in movie review in blog.Though I have done it umpteen times about innumerable number of movies released in all the languages i understand,they have all been verbal.This is the first one to be penned down and hence I am keeping it short (I feel mouth is the most powerful weapon and not pen or keyboard)
Atlast saw Rang De Basanti last weekend.It was a well crafted out film though, to be honest to myself,I must confess that I didnt enjoy it as much as thought I would.May be it is yet another case of "much-hyped-much expected-so-dissapointed" film. I felt that the content of the movie was a bit overblown.Seems director wanted to force his message on the public and hence he went into the extreme while scripting. Also the second half of the second half starting from the assasination of the defence minister was not upto the build up it had created.Is it so easy to kill a minister of a nation? That too in a country like India and escape scotfree?? If so, I would love to kill a few! Also the movie was moving in a lethargic pace in the first half. Even after all the lead cast was introduced and their charecters well established, the movie seem to head no were.The 2 aspects of the movie that stood out were the direction and the acting of the lead cast.Rakesh Omprakash Mehra has done a commendable job behind the camera and has managed well to extract the best from those infront it too.The scene which sticks to my mind is when the heroes (i feel all 6 lead actors were the heroes and not aamir alone) decide to murder the minister. The shuffling b/w the present and the past was good example of the command te director has over his craft.Overall, this film was watchable for me for being hatke-both in context and in directionI would have loved it had it shaped out well .....may be it did in the director's perspective!