a crappy son

a follow up to my last blog: btw, my parents wedding day was infact last sunday, 19th of june. it fell on the same day as fathers day. as i expected....didnt call home tat day (made my weekly call on saturdayand knew from maniappa that its on the next day). since my image is not tt of someone who cares/expresses a LOT abt family relations, dint bother to make the call ( what a crap of a son i am!)....btw, shud thses things be expressed? shudnt it be just understood?
anyways.......hope tat these blogs will remind such occations hereafter!
got my first reader of blogs today........may be i shud be cautious hereafter opening up 'mera mann'.........tat forces me not to be self indulgent hereafter while blogging...hhmm.....lets see, hw the ship sails from here (just wanted to use some expression.........am notorious for coining such thinks,u see!)



Ram said...

lol..u have a second commenter!

PS:i've been a reader for some time now ;).

Aravind said...

ram: hey thanx for reading my blogs..i hope i will not disappoint my reader with crap blogs!