mein aisa kyon hoon

yesterday was a pretty good day for citi credit card and temporory driver's license (and an AMEX card is on its way). yeah i know these r highly trivial,but what to do.....there r few pity details or achievements which i remember than much more imp. things i forget..........i know the date i had my visa interview,but i donno the date of birth of my parents; i know when i gave my GRE,but donno when my parent's wedding day is; i knw the details of any cricket match,but donno the details of the answers i screwed up in exams.
many atimes i wonder mein aisa kyon hoon?........cudnt find a reasonable answer......may ajay devgan says ina movie -- aisa hi hoon mein.



bugs said...

so u started blogging too?..good. 1 more way to pass time for me. thanx...i will try script writing

Ram said...

happens all the time doesnt it? :)

Anonymous said...

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