a milestone

hey! just now noticed a thing.......its been 1 yr since i started my blogging...........uh! so soon?and also this marks my 50th blog posting (if i dont take into account a couple of drafts i have).ie, just above 4 blogs per month or roughly 1 per week...not bad going at all given how much i hate writing ( it reminds me of the horrendous days in high school where i had to write page after page of essays and my animosity goes back to those days!) and how much little i have tell the world through print media. I am a practitioner of the school of thought that tongue is much powerful than sword and not words!Summerizing, i hv managed to survive whole one yr in the blog world! This gives be enough conviction and courage to keep going!


vivitsa said...

Congrats man!

Aravind said...

thanx sangeeta....and thanx 4 adding my link too!