a riddle

Some years back,my rudram mama (one who thought us rudram, chamakam etc which r sanskrit vedic hymns) asked us this tamil riddle.
It goes like this:
One day Deepa was sitting infront of her house with a small kid on her lap. Came in Divya and enquired: " yaar intha kuzhanthai? " (who is this kid?)
Deepa replied: "Intha kuzhanthayudaye thahappanar yaarukku mamanaro, avarudaya thahappanar enakku mamanar" ( The father of the person, to whom this kid's father is the in law, is my in law)

How is that kid related to Deepa?

Though it doesnt sound that complicated to crack now, at that age (12- 13 yrs) it was an unsolvable puzzle for us. Now i feel it was more because of the heavy tamil (given, how much adultrated the tamil i use in kerala) he used rather than the intricacy of the puzzle. Infact,I still feel it will take more than a single attempt for any to crack it!

(I had forgotten this one for sometime now, so jotting it down when remembered)