This is what I am attempting to do - inspired by one of the comments i myself wrote in a friend's blog - write stories based on navarasas.
This is the first one in the series:


He never takes that route.Usually Arun prefers the main road.A road accident abt 6 years back had left a scar in his forehead which never let him forget the perils of dark woods.But that day he had no choice.Inclement weather had uprooted that old mango tree right on to the middle of the road. "Damn it" cursed Arun, "not this one please !". Chousier Woods have a reputation of making the safest of drivers lose the poise. The narrow road with literally no light was any drivers nightmare.Going back 8 kms to take a better exit was out of question for Arun as he was driving at the mercy of reserve petrol tank."Not everyday is a friday", consoled himself as he switched on the right indicator and drove along.

He wasnt driving fast.But a reflex application of sudden brake would jolt a person even at that speed."Oh my........" a sudden chill went right up his spine, for what he saw about 2 feet infront of him,as his head lamp cut thru the pitch black darkness, was appaling.The car skidded to the right , made almost a complete rotation before coming to complete rest hitting the near by tree.Those dreaded moments 6 years back flashed infront of his eyes his mind as he got out of the car and rushed back to the road.There lie infront of him right in the middle of the road all soaked in fresh blood was a woman in her mid 30s struggle for her last few breathes.In the fading light of his car, he could she her clasping tightly on to her chest a wet rugged bundle of cloth with a small 5 month old baby inside it. She tried speaking some words.....but the sounds had already left her body.Arun couldnt make anything out of her shivering lips. She loosened her grip of the bundle as Arun tried to take it from her."Goodness gracious, the baby is alive". Arun told her as she took the child from her."Lemme........" Arun didn't complete when he saw that she had given up the struggle. He couldnt but notice a faint smirk on her face.Her child was alive and safe. That pacified mother had a peaceful death.As he walked backed to the car with that rugged bundle of cloth, the woods were reverberating with the cry of an infant.