state of mind

I am suffering from asyncronism... an internal mismatch......i am in one of those states in which ur mind urges u to work whereas the body refuses to oblige.I hv a whole lot of area to cover in my research work and it is likely to take up my 15x7 devotion if i am to finish off my research in stipulated time (which i must honestly admit seems more of a hypothetical scenario than a reality).So when your body and mind refuses to work in unison,what to do? solution is simple- let out ur feeling. Let that part of u which wants to work to work on something else which doesnt take much of physical movements, which ideally leads to highly stressful yet strainless processes like surfing the net,reading books, watching tv, listening music etc. In short, anything other than my experiments classifies into the abovementioned catogory for thats the only work involving physical labor that I care to do now a days.To add to the misery, comes the best of winter (ironically at the beginning of the spring) with its timing as perfect as the cover drive of sachin tendulkar.It makes even the best insomnia doze off; so one can imagine what it will be with the i-can-sleep-anytime-a day kinda people.I can easily put the blame for all these chaos on the research ,say it is sapping all my energy and ethusiasm etc.But it doesnt hold good here for you should do atleast an iota of work in your research to point it to be the culprit.Again this has not been a good month for me; everything has gone awry so far.I am a believer of destiny and its fowlplays. May be its one of them. Atleast I found someone to put the blame on. I hope no one will have any complaints........its my internal affairs u c!

By now readers would have realised that this posting is published out of vettiness rather than any real purpose. Just another mean to let my mind work while at rest!


Anonymous said...

You echoed my thoughts perfectly re!

Totally Vetti :)

Payal said...

Awesome blog..mere moonh k shabd cheen liye tumne! and u say u don't write well!:o

keep the good 'work' going!

Aravind said...

thanx anon. and payal...glad to knw tat i am not the only one feeling so!....guilty pleasure it is, but i enjoy it!:)